PokeGPT: Your personal Pokedex to the world of Pokemon!


PokeGPT is a GPT Agent built by Bapusaheb Patil. It connects to the PokeAPI, a REST API for Pokemon information, using Actions by OpenAI. It's like your own Pokedex!

You can ask questions like:

  1. What does Bulbasaur look like?
  2. Tell me about Pikachu's abilities.
  3. Who would win in a fight: Charmander or Electabuzz?
  4. Give me 3 Fire type Pokemon.

I made this GPT Agent to showcase how you can make ChatGPT can go beyond the generic answers and fetch data from an API. The data is more relevant, more accurate and presented in a neat format by default—most of the times in a stats table.

Requirements: A ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Disclaimer: This GPT Agent was made for educational purposes only. The accuracy of the results depend on OpenAI and PokeAPI. All data is fetched from PokeAPI and parsed by OpenAI.

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PokeGPT: Your personal Pokedex to the world of Pokemon!

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